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The *United States Islands Awards Program* ( ) (USI) is an Amateur Radio (HAM) awards program that covers islands that are within the fifty (50) states of the United States, and the U.S Territories and Protectorates. These islands can be in lakes, rivers, and along the coastal shoreline. freshwater or saltwater. The USI was formed in 1994 to further enhance “island chasing” that had become so popular on the amateur radio bands. The goal of the USI program is to promote a simple but effective system of island chasing and activating in a professional radio-manner and to operate totally on the “honor system”. The USI warmly welcomes all ham radio operators, shortwave listeners (SWL), and island enthusiasts to yet another facet of island chasing. The USI is open to anyone interested in working toward the many and varied US Island Awards by collecting and activating US islands.
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